Mix veg

we produce the mix veg with standardised processes, the content are vegerables and spices. the mixes are prepared wiht good manufacturing practices to maintain hygeing and quality of produt

Price : Rs. 47/-

Company Name : Suyog food processing

Organic product- Wheat grass

• Wheatgrass Powder helps promote health, healing & maintain general wellness.
• HACCP & Organic Certified as per India Organic & USDA Organic.
• Available in convenient 100 g packing = 1 months course.
• For best results, mix 1 spoon (3 g) in a glass of warm water & drink on an empty stomach first thin... read more

Price : $ 6 to 9 USD per 100 g pack.

Company Name : Girmes Wheatgrass

Guidance on Compliance of Indian Food safety and standards Act 2006

Complete Guidance on Establishing System as per food safety act.
Also provide inspection service for maintenance of Food safety act regulations.

Bittergourd (Karle) pickle

We produce Bittergourd pickles at our unit. These are Benificial for curing Diebetes and High Bloodpressure.

Price : Contact for Price

Company Name : Ruchi Food Products