FarmSoft (Tenacious Systems)
‘introducing the next generation of farm & packhouse solutions; for higher performance, traceability, & increased profits'.


Tenacious Systems (TSL) can provide custom developed solutions in the Farm and Packhouse spaces. The TSL team has years of experience in providing custom solutions for medium to large enterprise, and even government and NGO bodies. Tenacious Systems is positioned to deliver distributed solutions on a national scale where required. TSL consultants have provided requirements gathering and technical specification development in over 14 countries. These special projects are performed by our in-house development teams, which provide resources and team members for software development, systems analysis, project management, quality control and testing, and documentation. Custom solutions are generally only suited to large businesses and government bodies. Our network of partners world wide is used to provide localization and local training and support assets.

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FarmSoft (Tenacious Systems)

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