FarmSoft (Tenacious Systems)
‘introducing the next generation of farm & packhouse solutions; for higher performance, traceability, & increased profits'.


Tenacious Systems provides cutting edge vertical solutions for Farm management and Packhouse management via the FarmSoft suite of farm and packhouse software solutions. Our specialty is increasing business profit, efficiency, reducing waste, increasing quality, and minimizing the cost of compliance and traceability whilst managing the day to day operations of the business.

FarmSoft Farm Management ERP

This sophisticated, yet easy to use and configure solution is engineered specifically for management of fruit and vegetable farming businesses. The solution boasts PC interfaces for Microsoft and Apple operating systems, as well as interfaces for the iPhone and Android platforms for smartphones and tablets. The focus is on on smart farm management for increasing quality, yield, employee accountability, traceability, and profit enhancement.

Benefits include:

  • Increased farm profit from farm wide efficiency enhancements
  • Greater business control, and increased management agility
  • Higher staff performance
  • Risk reduction from potential food safety recalls

FarmSoft Farm Software

Features Include:

  • Yield projections for volume and cash
  • Entire management of all farming activities
  • Automatic traceability management
  • Farm mapping
  • Employee GPS Tracking (for safety purposes)
  • Work tracking via GPS
  • Budget creation & monitoring
  • Management of Post Harvest Interval (PHI) and Re-entry Periods
  • Farm cost reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Alerts based work management draws the correct employees attention to any farming issues that require immediate consideration or action

FarmSoft Packhouse Management

The modern packhouse for fruit and vegetables has become a mine field of regulations and customer satisfaction demands. TSL Packhouse Management provides a rapidly deployed solution that manages all facets of the fruit and vegetable packing operation, from incoming fruit & vegetables, through to post sales reporting.

Benefits include:

  • Increased packhouse profit from efficiency enhancements
  • Greater business control, and increased management agility
  • Higher staff performance
  • isk reduction from potential food safety recalls

Packhouse Software

Features Include:

  • Comprehensive management of packing, grading, sorting, cooling, cleaning, ripening processes.
  • Inventory control for produce and packaging materials (and value add ingredients)
  • Comprehensive packhouse reporting and analysis tools
  • Quality control
  • Automatic traceability management
  • Purchase and pack (or immediately resell) produce from other farms/warehouses
  • Batch based packing enforces high traceability
  • Mix produce from multiple suppliers and maintain traceability
  • Mix different varieties of produce in a single batch and maintain maximum traceability
  • Automatic recording of inventory movement
  • Temperature controlled inventory storage rules enforcement
  • Management of ripening and cooling processes, including an alert system that messages employees to move produce that has completed a ripening or cooling cycle
  • Mobile inventory control (available in selected regions)
  • Comprehensive pack house reporting, and analysis tools
  • Integrates with TSL Farm Management ERP.
FarmSoft (Tenacious Systems)

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