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With the help of our industry experts and well established infrastructure setup we are able to deliver products to our clients as per their specifications. Our products are made from quality materials like different grades of steel etc., that are sourced from trusted vendors, helping us to deliver a competent product range. We offer:

Butter Moulder
We offer our customers with highly efficient butter moulder, which is used for molding of butter in different sizes according to weight specifications. Available in different capacities, these can be customised as per the clients requirements. Its specifications are:

* Capacity - 10 Kg/Hr—100kg/Hr
* Raw Mat - Stainless Steel
* Semi automatic

Butter Melter
We offer our customers with premium quality butter melter, which is used for the purpose of melting butter on a large scale. Known for its optimum and durabile performance, these have the following specifications:

* Capacity – 500-3000ltrs.
* Raw material - Stainless steel.
* Easy in operation.

Butter Churn
We also offer our clients the butter churns with the following features, specifications and functional requirements :
The churn should be designed for perfect control of moisture and also should be suitable for table butter.

* Capacity - Barrel capacity : 500L Loading capacity : 300L
* Body - The churning barrel (Shell & dish) and beaters should be fabricated from stainless steel conforming to AISI 316 in 4 mm.thk. sheet
* Frame - The frame of churn made from 2.5 NB.’C’class m.s. pipe& 75 x 40 ‘C ’ channel
* Drive arrangement - The drive arrangement shall consist of reduction gear box for a speed of 12 & 24 rpm. The drive arrangement should be complete with two speed electric motor, chain drive, electrical push button panel to operate the churn in two different speeds.
* Accessories -

1. doors Leak-proof hinged Door of size 350 x 350 mm clear opening with proper locking arrangement in both open & closed position and made from s.s. 316 / 4 mm. thk. sheet and provided with ‘U ‘ type nitrile gasket of dairy standard.
2. Sight glass Dia 130 x 12 mm.thk. Flange s.s. 316 ,toughened glass.
3. Drain cock Dia. 25 mm drain cock used for butter milk drain.
4. Air release cock Dia. 25 mm , To release the air from the churn barrel.
Milk Storage Tank


· Tank can be fabricated for installation outside or inside..

· Tank can be equipped with mechanical agitation

· Provision for mounting level transmitter.

· Standard accessories will be outlet cum inlet valve, CIP spray ball, Man-way door with sampling cock, Dial type thermometer


· Tank can be fabricated for installation outside or inside..

· Tank can be equipped with mechanical agitation

· Provision for mounting level transmitter.

·Standard accessories will be outlet cum inlet valve, CIP spray ball, Man-way door with sampling cock, Dial type thermometer

Ghee Plant
We provide our customers with highly efficient ghee plants which helps in extraction of ghee. The process includes melting of butter or cream, seperation, clarification, filtration, cooling and then its packing. Available in different capacities, these can be customized as per the clients requirements. Its specifications are :

* Raw Material - Stainless Steel.
* Capacity - 500 Lts/H-5000lts/H.
* Robust and endure thermal and mechanical stress.

Ghee Storage Tank
We offer our cusomers with premium quality ghee storage tanks, which are used to store ready to pack ghee. Durable and robust, these are manufactured from quality raw material like stainless steel and feature following specifications:

* Capacity - 500lts-10000lts.
* Technically improvised.
* Customized as per the clients requirements.

Icecream Ageing Tank
These compact designed icecream tanks are used for mixing and aging of mixture at required temperature. Manufactured from superior quality raw material like SS (304), these can be customized according to clients need. Its specifications are:\

* Capacity - 200lts-1000lts.
* Convienent usage.
* Low maintenance cost.

Milk Chiller
We also offer clients the milk chiller to keep the milk at the temperature ranging below the pasturization level. These chillers are been fitted with the high efficency chilling unit and the body is been made out of stainless steel. These milk chillers are been made in different capacities and can be supplied as per the client's specifications and the requirement.

Tilting Pan
We also offer our clients with the steam heated tilting pan with the following specifications -
Purpose :
To prepare a uniform mix for cooking vegetables at a temp of 100 „aC to 110 „aC
Design parameters :
Heating Medium : Live Steam of Design pressure of the jacket : 6 kg/ sq- cm The volume of the pan measured 100 mm below the brim shall be of 500 ltrs. The pan shall be double walled and jacketed construction
Required services :
Steam : Live Steam Of 3.0 Kg/Sq.Cm Electric power :3 phase, 415 V, 50 hz, A/C Supply
Tilting arrangement of the pan :
Two heavy duty hollow shaft shall be welded to the jacket and this shafts shall be supported on the stand through bush bearing. The stand shall have four legs and these legs will have footings for grouting in the foundation. The material of the stand shall be of s.s 304.
Heating Of Pan :
Heating shall be provided to the pan by feeding live steam at 2 to 2.5 kg/ sq-cm to the jacket and the condensate shall be discharged out from the bottom most part of the jacket and it shall be complete with steam trap and by-pass valve.

Milk Pasteuriser
We manufactures plate heat exchangers of reliable quality and performance, for use in Dairy, Food and Chemical Process industries.

Application :

* The Plate Heat Exchangers are used for general cooling / heating of liquid in dairy , water and ice-cream mix.
* The plate heat exchanger consists of a pack of corrugated plates with port holes for the passage of two fluids between which heat transfer takes place.
* The plate pack is clamped between a fixed plate and pressure plate. The plates are fitted with gasket. The number of plates are determined by the flow rate, properties of the fluid, pressure drop and temperature programme.

Salient Features :

* Attractive cost effective design.
* High regeneration above 90%
* Plates are of imported design type with high heat transfer coefficient.
* Available in 300Lph to 5000 Lph.

Bottle Steriliser

SKYLARK’ Bottle Sterilisers are heavy duty process machines primarily used to process milk filled glass bottles.

‘SKYLARK’ manufactures full range of bottle sterilizers (steam retort ) from 150 bottles to 2880 bottles per batch.

All retorts can be ordered in lengths from 1 basket to 8 baskets capacity.

Customer options

includes automatic or manually-opened door designs. We offer orbit type door opening & closing. The customer may also specify m.s. or s.s. construction.

Cream Tanks


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