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Agro commodities

Apart from natural fruits, the semi-tropical climate in India also supports various types of agro-commodities like Spices, Cereals & Pulses and Rice etc. Shingote Agro Foods P.Ltd has also played a vital role in bringing Indian agro-commodities on the world map. Due to the growing demand and popularity of Indian agro-commodities in the world market, the company had to develop a dedicated team of expert professionals to focus on this vertical.

This kind of a focused approach not only adds value to their business, but also extends the same to their clients all over the world. The company’s presence across the value-chain allows them to understand and advise their clients on the emerging trends in the market. This in turn helps the customer in defining his business model so as to maximize his return on investment.

Processed Foods
India is blessed with a semi-tropical climate ideally suited for most annual fruit bearing trees. No wonder, it is home to Mango the most popular tropical fruit. The natural habitat coupled with developing irrigation facilities has catapulted the country into the second largest fruit producer globally. Only in the recent times has Fruit processing, as an organized industry, gradually taken shape, with existing processors scaling-up facilities while the new entrants planning large capacities to suit the global markets. The emphasis is shifting towards technology- centric operations as modern plants are being imported into the country. GMP and high levels of hygiene and sanitation form the new "mantra" for success. These developments augur well for the Indian Fruit processing industry, now coming into its own.

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