Organic Fruits & Fruit Juices

Varities of Fruits viz. Papaya, Banana, Mango, Guava, Orange, Custard Apple, Sapota, Sweet Lime, Grapes, Pomegranate, Jamun, Fig, Coconut are grown organically & are harvested from tree at right stage & ripening is done by organic method i.e. without using any chemicals & pesticide.

Fruits are graded after ripening & are sold in the market.

Farm fresh fruits are used for making Juices.The secret of Organic fruit Juice is amazing when it comes to health,its so pure & nutritious.

Organic Ice Cream & Milk Shakes<.b>

Our commitment to organic dairy begins with our cattle, they are grown on organic fodder, which is grown in our farm, keeping them healthy and allowing them to produce milk in harmony with the nature.

We shortly plan to start production of Organic Ice Cream. It is manufactured with organic milk and organic fruits, without using any chemicals and preservative.

Organic Ice Cream is truly delicious & wholesome dessert.

Organic Amla & Amla Products

Another farm is in state of Karnataka for Amla also known as Indian Gooseberry. Care is being taken to preserve the natural properties of Amla. Plants are nurtured by organic method.It is proposed to manufacture organic Chyawanprash,Murrabba & Candies.

The hidden treasure of Organic Amla is marvellous. Its full of Vitamin C.

Chyawanprash is an ancient ayurvedic herbal preparation,consumed as an immunity booster & energizer.Amla is the main ingredient in it.

Amla Juice,Murrabba & Candies are free from any chemical ingredient.




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