Orenda Foods Pvt. Ltd
TASTE for India


We truly believe that our values are meant to connect with you as a person. We use our value system to establish, nurture and grow our relationships with our employees and customers for a bond that lasts forever.

We use our value system to achieve a greater refinement in our character as an organization and connect with the world much like a person in the real world!

Our values are as follows;

* A passion for innovation - Pursue it!
* Energy & Enthusiasm - Radiate it!
* A "Service" orientation – Believe in it!
* Compassion - Practice it!
* Trust – Trade in it!

Orenda Foods Pvt. Ltd

Corporate Office

Orenda Foods Pvt. Ltd
Shop C1, "Sunshine Greens Soc"
Near St. Thomas Church
Off Aundh road, Khadki
Pune- 411020
Tel: + 91- 020- 25806219

Sales enquiries:

Phone : 020- 25806219
Email : Email contact form