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About Us

It gives us great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of India's newest consumer products company.

The word "Orenda" means energy and is the driving force for all activity in the universe. Energy makes us who we are and determines what we do in our lives! You can radiate energy, share it, enhance it and above all transfer it to those around us making it the basic "ingredient" of achievement and success! We can't think of a better reason than an this, to come together to concentrate all our collective energies in creating new products, offering exciting new services and most importantly…putting a smile on people's faces!

We started this entrepreneurial journey with a single purpose of offering customers with unique and hygienic products. Offering a range of products that are loved by children and adults alike, we are soon embarking on a journey to connect with customers around the world!

Our growth encompasses our employees raising their standard of living, improving our processes to minimize our carbon footprint, maintaining a balance between consumption and conservation, educating people to become more responsible and proactive citizens with good moral values… AND doing all this in greater scale each year…year after year!

We welcome you to a part of our world and experience the energy that brings us together!


"To create an organization that will be recognized for its innovative and high quality products, services and an organizational culture that recognizes & nurtures talent, contributes to societal betterment and creates material and moral wealth".


"To be recognized as one of the most innovative snack food and processed vegetable providers in India and around the world!"

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Orenda Foods Pvt. Ltd

Corporate Office

Orenda Foods Pvt. Ltd
Shop C1, "Sunshine Greens Soc"
Near St. Thomas Church
Off Aundh road, Khadki
Pune- 411020
Tel: + 91- 020- 25806219

Sales enquiries:

Phone : 020- 25806219
Email : Email contact form